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    Become A Modern Partner


    If you would like to become a Modern partner please contact with your business details and Modern team will make contact to discuss further.


    Enquiries regarding national and international distributor partnership opportunities are welcome, as are collaboration requests from prospective business partners.

    By becoming a Modern voltage optimization distributor you will be joining a network of exclusive partners who are supported with sales, marketing, technical and product information from the Modern office.

    Our Company

    To find out more about Modern voltage optimization systems, the science behind the technology, our client details and savings results.

    Wenzhou Modern Completed Electric-power Equipment Co.,LTd. is one of the longest lasting innovators of Power Quality and Energy Saving Products in China. In an industry where companies come and go, MODERN continues to provide the reliability and continuity you need.


    View a selection of case studies from MODERN clients through the link below and contact us to discuss available opportunities to become a MODERN voltage optimization distributor in your area

    Contact Us                                      Case Study

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