About Modern

    Better Power Quality, More Energy Saving

    Wenzhou Modern Group(MODERN) is one of a leading company in designing and manufacturing Power Quality and Energy Saving products in the world.

    Wide Power Solutions

    Since 1979, MODERN has pioneered improvements in power solutions sectors for Industrial, Commercial, Medical, Broadcast and Telecom applications. Our products range various from Voltage Stabilizers, Voltage Optimizers, Voltage Regulator, Transformers and Reactors to Frequency Converters, UPS, Harmonic Filters, Power Factor Correction and Surge Protectors.

    Experienced and Fully Customizable Solutions

    All MODERN products are designed and manufactured with the worldwide ISO quality standards. Besides standard production, MODERN can be extremely flexible in developing and manufacturing special tailored specifications thanks to a proficient technology development.

    Worldwide Service & Support

    MODERN is well established in the international markets. Thanks to strategically positioned offices and distributors, MODERN’s products are installed and working in over 50 countries and regions around the world.

    MODERN is committed to provide complete innovative and cost-effective power quality and energy saving solutions coupled with excellent customer service for all kinds of critical applications.

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